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All Las Vegas corporate housing on our site is selected for location, quality, features and amenities.  All are great choices and all offer excellent value and convenience.

Customers Want Service

Quality customer service is an essential part of doing business. So our corporate housing is supported by actual customer service people. To ensure your experience and peace of mind.

Open For Business!

We have corporate housing with the features businesses want for business! We include free High Speed Internet access via Wifi, Free HD Cable Television, and much more.

Really Excellent Las Vegas Corporate Housing

Luxury Las Vegas corporate housing rentalsWe have something for when you finally grow tired of the same old hotel rooms. When your travel budget has been ravaged by the high costs of staying where everybody else is staying. When it's finally time to turn to a real alternative, private corporate housing is the answer.

Consider how important it is to you to be well rested. How about having a little privacy for yourself? Most of us tend to overlook these things when we book our reservations. Having a home instead of a hotel room means not having to wait in lines, not always eating out, and not always having to traverse an entire smoky casino for whatever you want. You'll also be much happier after you tally up your savings and realize the value. Once you've tried our Las Vegas corporate housing, you may never want to go back to the hotel!

About our Company

Las Vegas Corporate Retreats is operated by Las Vegas Retreats, a leading vacation home and corporate housing operator in Las Vegas Nevada.

We represent quality private corporate housing and create alternative lodging solutions for businesses, groups and families travelling to Las Vegas.

We are members of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commere and Las Vegas Hospitality Association and Accreditted Members of the Better Business Bureau.


Corporate Housing in Las Vegas Nevada

Privacy, Value and Security

Las Vegas corporate housing and Las Vegas vacation home rentals.

Customers come to us for a number of reasons. Mostly for things they can't get on the Strip. But consider the value of having one place for your group instead of an group of hotel rooms. Or saving the cost of meeting space, meals, and of course, the hassles of keeping everyone organized.

All of those problems are easily eliminated in a vacation rental home. By lodging away the Strip, our customers enjoy lower costs. fewer hassles, and much less traffic and congestion. And they get some peace and quiet too!

Like Your Own Home

The Las Vegas corporate housing we offer is unmatched for quality and service.

When quality Las Vegas corporate housing is available there is no reason to settle for a staying in a little box anymore. Why would you when you can have the advantage of easy access to the nearby convention or meeting, and at the same time enjoy the privacy of an actual home?

It's like having the best of both worlds and makes to much sense. You will wonder why you didn't do it a long time ago. The advantages become clear after only one visit. Even to the most seasoned business travelers.

Las Vegas Corporate Retreats offers suitable homes for almost any need and budget. We are one of the Las Vegas secrets you've heard about!

It's All About Value

In the truest sense, Value is what is offered by private lodging. Customers who know this didn't originally come for that. They came for privacy and something different.
private corporate lodging offers real value.

Las Vegas Retreats

For convenience sake alone, Las Vegas is a chosen city for many corporate retreats. With an off-Strip solution, it can also be the most productive and least expensive destination of choice. 
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Las Vegas Concierge

female-phone4a-smFor excellent quality Las Vegas concierge service be sure to call Las Vegas Concierges. They are commited to providing the most efficient and cost effective service in Vegas.

Event Facilities

Need facilities for hosting your Las Vegas event? There are excellent event facilities away from the congestion and expense of hosting on the Strip.
The Cabo Room, The Bootlegger Bistro at The Piazza Plaza in Las Vegas